"The kinkiest sex requires comprehensive planning." - Hermes

Kinksheets came from the observation that many types of kink play have a logical progression and follow a repeatable sequence. If it's complicated, it needs some planning. Hermes finds that scene negotiation and kink education are easier with a shared tool like a kinksheet. For example, these sheets can be used by submissives to plan their path, dominants to explore new branches of kink and get consent, and for both to communicate and negotiate play and scenes.


Hypnosis enables relaxation of the mind and guided visualization during play. Hypnosis has natural affinity with BDSM as a tool in the Dominant's and the submissive's toolbox. A Dominant using one or more hypnotic techniques can enhance subspace during the scene. Submissives may find they reduce anxiety and improve their compliance when hypnosis or self-hypnosis is used. With a very imaginative hypnotist and an imaginative subject it is entirely possible to introduce straight fantasy—don't just feel like a slave, instead have your brain jacked and your hypnotist playing around sadistically with your senses and self-image of your sexuality. Intense, when done correctly. "Safe, sane, consensual" still applies.

Please stand by for more sheets.