Peitho & Hermes

Kinky Married Couple

Peitho and Hermes are engaging together in safe, sane, consensual couples' ethical non-monogamy. Swinging, rough sex, group sex, BDSM practices, erotic hypnosis, and electrostim are all in bounds.

Sexual Dynamic

Peitho is the relationship's dominant. Hermes is collared and owned by Peitho. He is a submissive but performs credibly as a service top when Peitho desires. Peitho and Hermes partake in play together as a couple, never separating, typically with Peitho playing and Hermes assisting.


Peitho and Hermes are vetted participants for events in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and New York. It goes without saying but bears repeating that the couple exercises discretion and protects privacy per lifestyle community standards.

Playing with Peitho & Hermes

At events, Peitho is in charge—Hermes may be collared and leashed. She negotiates scenes, initiates action, and engages in play while Hermes spots for her. The couple never separates, supporting each other even during intense group scenes.

Chat with Us

Peitho and Hermes chat as a couple in three-way chats with others or as a couple in larger chatrooms. Feel free to reach out—many options are provided.


Peitho & Hermes
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Oaks, PA, 19456 United States
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